My name is Charles Burkett.

I have had an extensive resumé, from my first job selling luggage, making eyeglasses, technical support, to a pastry chef at a 4-star restaurant and a banquet chef at one of the few kosher kitchens in the Dallas area. My life has been pretty interesting, I was remarried at 37 years old, and at 42 had my first child while going back to school after 20 years to find my true passion, journalism.  

I studied broadcast journalism at the University of North Texas at the Mayborn School of Journalism. I am fascinated by people like Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs and his podcast The Way I Heard It), Chet Garner (The Daytripper), Bob Phillips (The Texas Country Reporter), and how they could tell a story. This is where I found my passion for stories about people and their journeys. 

I love talking with people and giving advice when asked. I love to hear about other people's passions and stories. I feel like everyone has a story to tell, no matter their age, race, religion, or background. 

I started this podcast and blog in May 2012. I felt like many people want to have a similar experience that our Denton, TX community has; community and home town feel. I have a passion for small businesses and for up and coming entrepreneurs. I love learning about new things and investigating those.


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