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This summer has been interesting and not as eventful as other summers in the past. I have been going some places and doing things, yet have not gone to anything major, unless you count my trip to New England to see my sister-in-law graduate from the US Naval Academy (go Navy, beat Army!). But I will simply say other than that it has been a bit quiet. Until news of a few new venues came out! There are now a few new things in Denton that should excite some of the local Denton natives, one is a craft brewers supply store, a growler filling station, and a new place on the square! With all that the city council here in Denton, Texas has made it possible for small breweries to move in the area, I feel like a little kid in a candy store! There is so much going on right here in Denton that it seems it might be looking to boom again.

First off, I want to talk about the new craft brew supply store Baron’s Brewwerks, where has this been?!? In all honesty, I never understood why it took so long for someone to open a craft brew supply store. I would think that it would be a no brainer with the community and how many people brew in this area, the closest one I could think of was one in Richardson. Anyways, the owner is a great guy and a welcome addition to the Denton scene, with a great love of the craft and seeing he wants to help people find what he enjoys as well, this is a great addition to the community.

Now, coming in right behind Eastside, The Bearded Monk, a growler filling station. I know, you can get some at Eskimo Hut or at the Chestnut Tree, but competition is healthy, plus, I want to be able to get some of the odd ones you see ar Oak Street Draft House and East Side, This will bring a new facet to the growing popularity of craft beer, especially in this area. Watch for that coming in.

Next, we have a great possibility coming in where the Subway on the square just left, Barley and Board, started by some of the guys that started LSA, this project seems to be a bit high scale. A nice clean look, with that local flare. Love this concept and looking forward to checking it out, hopefully in the near future.

Finally, the story that has been on everyone’s mind here in Denton, where are all these brewers going to fit in downtown Denton. There have been some concerns with the proposed ideas of breweries able to set up shop in downtown, one I somewhat understand, the overall atmosphere. I think the concerns that were mentioned in the article here have some validity. Denton has a certain scene, and to see that possibly skewed by something by trying to get business in can be a big risk. The concerns on smells and how it will effect the downtown area is a big concern, no one will want to come if it stinks. i know what all of you are thinking, “Charles, you like beer and Denton, why not mix the two, it just seems logical.” I like barbecue sauce and ice cream, doesn’t mean they are good together. My main point is, there are some industrial areas that can be used that are needing tenants, and just having them in the area would help out and be a great addition. I do believe that there is some room in the square for some distilleries and brewers. Denton city council needs to be careful with how they designate some of the areas.

So, with everything going on, I feel this year is our year Denton, we are rising to something that might be able to see how Denton is growing in good ways. Hopefully bringing more jobs and life to this already fun little college town. With a new growler station, restaurants and other interesting things going in, this will be something to keep in mind. Keeping an eye out for all you Denton people out there. So grab all you can and watch for more posts here about the new places and reviews!

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