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Bright Lights… Denton City!

Well, it has been a little while since I have posted anything here. I have been looking around and seeing more things filling up empty business fronts, some around the square, others away from the square but still close by. A few things that are changing just outside the square in Denton are two new places, one in the old Ramen Republic and the other is the old Love Shack location. The other is where the old Miguelito’s use to be. There is now a taco place, The Rusty Taco, where Ramen Republic was, a place called ‘Q’ took over the Love Shack location, and Boss’s Pizza is replacing Miguelito’s.

I am seeing some interesting things and am hopeful that we see some good progress here in Denton. I will return and try some of these places to let you know how they are. God Bless

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