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Food Trucks, Barber Trucks, and Growlers

First going to the food trucks with the choices galore, from sandwiches to Kim Chi to Bon Mi, gourmet pizzas to barbecue and sushi, you had a wide selection. Many of the local favorites were out there including The Lean Machine, Waffle Wagon, and The Pickled Carrot, there were many others. The one we had was the Easy Slider Truck, they have some interesting parings like goat cheese and strawberry jam on your slider and the Nutty Pig which had Peanut Butter

and bacon topping the small burger of awesomeness. These guys know how to make a slider interesting and tasty. Looking at all the options, you just have to bring some friends and spread out, so for those of you wanting a wide selection, there is an idea, though might be a bit difficult to get your friends to share the goodness of what they ordered.

Now there was one truck that had no food but still an interesting flavor, my local friends at The Bearded Lady. They can make sure your hair is trimmed and your beard is clean. With offerings of beard salves and balms and a stache dam that will keep that nice looking mustache clean from any beer that you might be enjoying.

After a few glasses of the Oaktopia from Audacity Brew House, we headed over to end the night at The Bearded Monk, which had its grand opening that night as well just behind Eastside at 122 E McKinney St in Denton. Do you need an odd beer? Something you never had before? Head to Ben Easly, he and his crew will make sure you find something that will fit your needs and likes. They have guys that know their beer and ones that you can take home, and even get a growler to fill and head home with fresh draft beer, FRESH DRAFT BEER at home, just making sure you heard me. That’s right, the first dedicated growler shop here in Denton, TX. Oh, the uniqueness keeps growing.

But definitely was a sight to see here in Denton. Hope next year will bring some of the old favorites back and some new tasty options as well. Check out these local places and as always support your Denton local businesses. They have some great offerings and some tasty fixings. Let your friends know and stay local. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

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