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Here Comes The Summer… Deck It!

So, I was talking with my wife the other day, we were thinking about all the places that have a deck or outside seating here in Denton. I realized there are so many places around the area that are great for sitting outside and relaxing with a great beverage, some food, or both. With that in mind, I decided to review a few spots we have been to and have enjoyed over the years when thinking about this great weather, some bars, restaurants, and local spots that have some great outside areas that make the summer experience even better.

My number one outside spot is most likely Oak Street Draft House and Cocktail Parlor, where outside is the best seating and you can find some great drinks to cool off. Their outside seating feels more like a beer garden seating, with picnic style tables along with old cable spools turned into tables, chairs all over the place for lots of room. The owner, John Williams, has taken the Denton local feeling of a house party and turned it into a bar. With fun drinks including ones that have cucumber and other fresh flavors, look at their cocktail menu for flavors that you can definitely cool down with and relax. Now don’t forget to download their app on your phone to figure out what you want to have, with over 70 plus taps, it can get intimidating. With that said, they rotate out great seasonal beers that will have you trying many different flavors. Also, they have the local favorite on tap, Armadillo Ale Works Quakertown Stout. And don’t forget, John doesn’t mind if you grab some grub and bring it in, they have some menus from Mellow Mushroom and Weinberger’s Deli available if you get hungry while you are there. Speaking of Mellow Mushroom, this has to be my second favorite place. With a decent selection of beer and great pizza, their outside patio with a relaxing fireplace is a place to check out. Their artisan pizza is one of the best. With a unique decor and a fun atmosphere, this place is somewhere I frequent. With my friends or just me and my wife, we love this place. Great food and drinks to satisfy your pizza cravings. Another fun local place is Hoochie’s Oyster House, which has a great deck area. With good food, this place is somewhere to check out during the summer. Also, they host DentonRadio.com and local musicians on the deck that will serenade your time there. They have great seafood favorites at a decent price, oysters when in season, fish, shrimp, and combo platters that is great on a summer day. So, for all you out there, keep watching the blog to find new places. I will be posing about the best summer places and experiences. Keep an eye out, and check out some of the places this summer. Have a great one and keep cool.

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