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Hidden Pools of Splendor

I know it has been a while, for that, I apologise, I am still here for you Denton. Anyways, on to the good stuff. I have recently come back from the Texas hill country and have been to some interesting places. I would recomend checking out a few places if you have a chance to get that way. Here they are!

1. Krause Springs– Spicewood, TX

What can I say about this place that would bring it justice, one word, beautiful. With a haven of people hanging out and having a good time, this place, for the money, is one of the best. Fed by natural springs that go from a spring fed pool, dropping down into a lagoon of hill country beauty, this is the place to go, yes I did try the rope swing, and it was awesome. Head that way and have some fun on one weekend in the warm summer months to cool off. At $7 per adult and $5 per child 4-11, it is a great place for everyone, and family affordable!

2. Pedernellas Falls– Spicewood, TX

With a natural beauty of the hill country going into natural falls, this place is pretty cool, they have a swimming hole near the bottom of the falls. Grab some water shoes or some that you mmight not mind getting wet, because there is a little bit of a hike to it, but worth it. You have to pay for entrance, but still, cheap considering all the high priced water parks out there. Plus you can hike all arround, but keep watch, the walls are unpredictable and can get dangerous, and they warn you about it.

There are more comming, check back to see what else is out there! Have some fun and be careful.

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