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She’s a Killer… Queenie’s

Well, I had to check out what chef Tim Love was thinking when he shut the doors to one of my personal favorite burger places The Love Shack off the Denton square. When I then saw the new look and a big “Q” on the door, it got me wondering. Well, the wondering is over and I took my wonderful wife out to Queenie’s. This new steak house has some wonderful food and great concept to spice up the neighborhood. I still wonder about the valet parking, but that is just me. They have a great selection of steaks and entree’s. There is something for everyone there and is a very unique time. The price can go high quick, but the service and the quaint atmosphere is worth it. With a more intimate dining experience, it is one that everyone need to check out at some point. My favorite was the sides, big enough where you could have enough to taste and some to take home. The Cream Spinach and Kale is awesome and is great to take home and use on a baked potato. The desert was out of this world, with a cherry serrano spice pie under a homemade cinnamon ice cream, it was wonderful. My take, even though this might be out of the ordinary for Denton, it is something that could put it on the map. With an atmosphere that competes with some of the more fancy steak houses and a menu to match, this place just works.

And as always, tip your servers well, they work for those.

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