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The Barber Chair- Braxton the Barber

Interviewing Michael Braxton Jr. or Braxton the Barber at North Texas Cutz the other day, I decided to look into some information about barbers and barbering. There have been alot of interesting practices in regards to hair. According to the National Barber Museum, there has been barbers since the Egyptian times starting in around 5000 BC. They used very crude insturments to cut hair, like oyster shells and sharpened flint. They were also surgeons as well as barbers, but they split off into seperate careers in 1300. Think how much a haircut would be if that didn't happen.

But all that aside, barbers have been around and a part of the community for quite a while. There has been a resurgence of getting a shave from barbers as well here in recent years, there is something about getting a straight razor shave that is a bit different than the at-home shave.

There are many aspects of this job that people still see as this easy simple process, though, as any barber knows, there is more to a cut than just the cut itself. There is a comradery among both barbers and patrons that they serve. They take their job seriously and understand what it takes and some of the sacrifices that they make to do thier job.

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