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The New Road to Somewhere

I know I have been gone for a while and know that I need to keep up with some of these things. I also need to let you know I have been working on a top secr… well, not that secret, I have been creating a new company and trying to get my name out there. If you zoom over to Cup A Tech then you will see what I have been working on.

This has been a long journey, if you want you can also see the Facebook page here. If you go, please hit the like button as a favor. I know, cheap plugs, I feel like a celebrity endorsing a book on The Tonight Show, “Yea Jay, I thought it was about time to do that.” But I am working on starting this and helping people with ways to increase their small business potential. I will still do some of this every so often, so it is still going to be around, I think that it will be fun and exciting. So keep checking the blog out and my other blog, Denton City Nights. I hope that you all have been finding spots and new places. There is soooooo much going on here in Denton. Our city council has done a lot to bring new business in and show the world what Denton can do. I am proud to be a Dentonite. With my guys at Armadillo Ale Works now have a beer in Kroger and VOTED the top new brewery in Dallas area, and new places such as East Side Social Club, Oak Street Draft House, Last Drop Tavern, oh how the face of Denton has changed. But always for the good. Check it out, let people know about Denton, TX, the best small town you ever will drive through.

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