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The Places You NEED to Visit in Denton

So, I thought back over my places that I reviewed that were fun and tasty. I then started thinking, “What are the top places that people need to see and experience in Denton, TX that put it into perspective and understand Denton better?” Well, these are some places that I would personally tell someone to go to say, “THAT is Denton.”

  1. Audacity Brew House Taproom– This is the first taproom brewery to grace the city of Denton, TX. I think they did a real good job in representing the town and the laid back atmosphere. Head that way and grab yourself a good beer, sometimes they even have some on tap that you can only get in the Taproom, so ask one of the taproom bartenders about some of those interesting beers that can only be found in Denton, TX.

  1. The Bearded Monk– Home to the first growler filler station, this destination has 21 beers on tap that you can take home. You know, those ones that you can never find in a can or bottle, yea, those. It also has an eclectic selection of beer and he also has the knowledge and you can check out reviews and some other fun things he does on his blog as well.

  2. Hannah’s– Just off the square, this is a place that is one of our best places considered fine dining. Yes, we have fine dining. This has one of the widest selection of fine wines and great food.

  3. Apogee Stadium– Home to the University of North Texas Eagles. This new stadium has it all. With a little over 30,000 seats, this stadium houses the best football in Denton, TX. Get there early for some good tailgaiting during football season!

  4. Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios– One of the places that music still resides and a great place for that small venue concert. Has some interesting stories as well. Oh, if walls could talk.

  5. Sweetwater Grill and Tavern– This is a great place for some great food. They have live jazz and music on the weekends and just a relaxing place to hang out. Great outside patio area as well when the weather is right.

  6. Paschall Bar– Here in Denton you will find some hidden treasures, this is one of them. With a speak easy feel and a relaxing fun environment. With some interesting libations and some great beer selections, this is one of Denton’s true hidden nuggets.

  1. LSA Burger– One of the best burger places here in the city. Great atmosphere and great food. Tr the Parmesan Fries, it is worth it. They are expanding and there is some live music as well on the upstairs patio, and you can sit on the Denton Courthouse lawn and enjoy that with some good friends and great weather.

  1. Dan’s Silverleaf– Great concert venue, fun relaxing and has been a Denton staple since 2002. You can catch some great local acts or some eclectic groups coming through Denton on their tours. Usually is a place that hosts many of the music festivals that come into Denton as well, like 35 Denton, Denton Art and Jazz Fest, and Oaktopia (which is always a good time).

  2. Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant– Great Italian food with that romantic atmosphere created by the home that this establishment has occupied for years here in Denton. The lasagna is one of the best ones here in Denton, in my opinion.

  1. Barley & Board– So, what can I say about this one? Well, the concept is something you have to see. Very rustic and great food, the atmosphere is one that has a laid back sophistication. You can head there in a tie and slacks or shorts and a t-shirt. Great food and a great place for a good conversation among friends.

  1. Eastside & Oak St Drafthouse– This one is doubled up only due to how you feel at the time, both of these places are great, one is more a sports bar/ local pub feel, the other is a feel of sitting and listening to friends and conversing in your back yard. Owner John Williams has created a great atmosphere for both bars, I sometimes have a hard time choosing which one to go to, that is why I am always asking myself, “What mood are you in?” to get the decision made. So, with that said, that is why I combined the two.

  1. Midway Mart– Last but not least… What can I say about this place? Well, it is the most interesting entry on this list, it is a convenience store of fine fermented beverages. Servicing Denton for 20 years, this is the go to place for the interesting beer selections. Want to find some off the wall IPA or garlic flavored beer, they probably have it, maybe not the garlic one, but some interesting selections come through here often. If you subscribe to their twitter feed, they let you know about some of the ones that are not exactly on the shelf.

Well, hope this is some help, comment if you think I missed any. I am sure that I did, this is a list that I like and think is a needed list for people to see, but I want to hear our opinion, what or who do you think should be on the list?

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