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The Top 11 Places in Denton to Show Off Your Mask

The Bearded Monk

Even though the inside is closed, the deck is open and the owner Ben and Bartender Bryan will gladly let you display your mask for all to see. Actually, they prefer that you do.

Austin St Truck Stop

This place has been going all through the quarantine where you could come and pick up food for you to take home, but now you can head there and see everyone's new mask and see where you can find your own.

The DIME Store

The Denton Independent Makers Exchange has had limited hours, but when you can get in, it is a great place to support local and find new items for you. But make sure that you are sporting that new mask, and you can find some trendy ones in there as well.

Vinyl Lounge

As the new kid in town, the Vinyl Lounge is the new place to be. With DJ sets all throughout the day, you can hang out and have some fun, but make sure you keep that mask on while you are grooving to those great sounds.


Always a Denton favorite, but still going. John and his staff have been finding ways to keep busy, and now they are open to let you show off your mask with your favorite beer and other local eats as well. Go show them some love.

Miss Angeline's

As the sister to the two favorites here in Denton, Eastside and Oakstreet Draft House, this place came in right next door to Eastside and serves up some great cocktails, but you can hang out on the new porch and sport your mask while relaxing and having a good time.

Harvest House

Of course these guys have a great option for donning the mask and staing safe with a huge outdoor area, keep your mask on and your 6 foot safe space. They always have great service.

Java Rocket

And while you are visiting Harvest House, don't forget to pick up some great local coffee at this place. You will always get some great coffee and interesting talk with the owner.